Instagram Snapshots

Love my orchids:o)

Bifteki for lunch...yummy!!!

Preparing a new outfit

Emil 2 had his 1. birthday!!!

Racing cars bumping into my coffee;o)

Finally a date with my sewing machine again...

Sometimes you just need a really unhealthy pizza!!!

Enjoy your sunday!!! 

Kommentare :

  1. Love the outfit!!! I also hope you post what you made with your sewing machine. It looks like burlap? I love burlap!
    Hope your weekend was grand!
    Happy Sunday!

  2. Me ha encantado tu entrada y también tu blog. Me pasaré más a menudo por aquí!!

    Un beso enorme^^

  3. sehr schöne Schnappschüsse-besonders die Orchideen sind toll :)