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Little Girl's Wardrobe

Since I don't have any girls myself I'm always really glad when I can sew something for my nieces or for a baby girl.  In January, my nieces turned 2 years old and I made both of them cute little dresses.  Both patterns are from old Ottobre magazines. 
The first dress is completely made of cotton which I bought at 'Stoff & Stil'. I love all those cute little animals and the grey as a background color. Inside is a white lining and I can proudly say that this is the best lining I've ever done, ha!! 🙌
To make a little extra accent, I added a pink pastel pompom border. You all know I'm completely in love with those things. 
If you want something special for your little girl I would recommend this pattern because it looks just like a dress from some boutique BUT it takes time! You really need to sit down and iron and and and....so not a short project. 
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