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How To Sew Your Own Joggers

Inspiration #4

Merry Christmas!

My Dress For New Year's Eve

DIY-Project: Make Your Own Presents

Inspiration #3

How To Make Your Own Christmas Skirt

How To Make Your Own Christmas Jumper

Inspiration #2

DIY-Project: Giftboxes Made Of Paper

My Christmas Dress 2015

My Longest Sewing Project Ever

Inspiration #1

My Next Project

How To Make An Easy Peplum-Top

DIY-Project: Advent Calendar

Happy Thanksgiving!

Outfit: Faltentop

Outfit: Lagerfeld-Rock

Nächste Projekte für meine Herbstkollektion

Outfit: Black Lace

Outfit: Lila Nadelstreifen

Stürmischer Sonntag...

Outfit: Blue Dress



Blau Blau Blau Sind Alle Meine Kleider...

Geplante Projekte für die Herbstgarderobe

Bastelreise nach Göteborg


Outfit: Grauer Zipfelrock


Herbstrock fürs nächste Jahr

Outfit: Ethno-Weste

Mein Nähplatz

Outfit: Herbstmantel

Zweites Herbstprojekt: Ethno Weste

Neue Stoffe

Stoffe Shoppen Macht Süchtig!!


Outfit: Black & Gold

Travel: Attersee Austria

Outfit: Jo No Fui-Ensemble

Outfit: Scalloped Skirt

Travel: Chiemsee

Outfit: Flowers & Stripes

Summer Favorite: Pink Gingham